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School Administrators

Welcome to Pack My Rx!

You have taken the first step towards lowering liability by reducing medication errors, and cutting unnecessary labor cost. No longer will nurses have to juggle countless prescription bottles to get through med-pass time. Our medication pouches are easy to administer allowing the caregiver to spend more time on other health issues.

A 30-day supply of medication will arrive for each student a few days before school starts so the nurse can be well organized when students arrive and no-one will ever skip a dose.

Each box will be accompanied by a MAR chart for the nurse to keep track of medications administered. We will also send all other non-pill medications that each student requires. The following shipment will arrive one month later, and every month thereafter.

Getting Started Is Easy

Once you decide to use our service, you will need to register your school with us. This will allow a parent to register their student and choose your school in our database.

We will need all the basic information pertaining to your school, such as the name of the school, name and contact info of the School Administrator and School Nurse, as well as, the start and end date of the school year, including breaks and holidays.

We highly recommend making our service mandatory to all students to ensure the most optimized service.

There is no charge to the camp.

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